1. What is Mazô Maná?

Mazô Maná was born to nourish the world with the abundance and wisdom of the Amazon Forest. It is a company created with the purpose of generating value and good living for communities in the Amazon, recognizing the people who live there and the services they provide for the conservation of biodiversity.

From its headquarters in Altamira (PA), innovative products are developed for the functional nutrition market, using multiple ingredients from forest communities and, in a complementary way, from family farmers.

In another line of action, Mazô Maná supports, through consultancy, other businesses and institutions that want to work for the conservation of the Amazon and the appreciation of traditional peoples.

The company also has 10% of the business's corporate structure reserved for local communities, establishing a relationship that is not limited to that of supplier-client.

2. How does food impact the conservation of the Amazon Forest and its original people?

Mazô Maná’s entire production system and business model was designed with this positive impact in mind. Among the practical and effective actions we take are:

  • The processing of our products' ingredients is done in community mini-plants in the Amazon Rainforest whenever possible. This generates more income for communities and helps protect and conserve the standing forest in their reserves and regions.
  • Product development takes place in conjunction with local communities, carrying out intercultural research and making technology and equipment available. Thus, an environment of intersection of knowledge is created between ancestral technology, from the people of the forest, and scientists, from our R&D team.
  • We offer participation in society and council seats for the traditional communities and indigenous peoples with whom we partner. The objective is to guarantee their real participation in the business and future of Mazô Maná, in addition to a fair partnership from beginning to end.
  • We work on the development and implementation of mechanisms for valuing socio-environmental/carbon services associated, in part, with production chains and local governance.
3. What is Mazô’s socio-environmental impact model?

Since its inception, Mazô Maná has sought to promote positive socio-environmental impacts in the territories where we operate. We do this both through impacts shared with networks of partners (such as research and development work on technologies for mini-plants processing forest products) and those that are a direct and measurable result of Mazô Maná's actions.

Our direct impacts include issues such as:

  • The purchase of ingredients at prices above those practiced in the market and always in the most direct way possible from forest communities;
  • Reserve 10% of the company's shareholding for local communities;
  • Direct research and implementation of new technologies in mini-plants processing forest products;
  • Prospecting and creating new production chains that generate more income options and food security for forest communities;
  • Reforestation with agroforestry system in the area of ​​our headquarters, in Altamira;
  • Compensation for greenhouse gases emitted by our operations, through the purchase of carbon credits.
4. Are Mazô packaging recyclable?

The packaging is partially recycled and 100% compensated from the company EU Reciclo.

5. How is Mazô’s relationship with local communities and networks? What initiatives is Mazô involved in?

Mazô Maná was born with pillars and objectives of socio-environmental impact on the Amazon Forest. Its conception, development and network operation take place through partnerships with traditional peoples, family farmers, NGOs and institutes that have worked for the conservation of the Forest for decades.

Mazô Maná's basic principle is to recognize these socio-environmental services provided and seek mechanisms for valuing and developing them. We prioritize the standing forest and its people and, with this, we work to create an economy of socio-environmental diversity and care that stops deforestation.

The company's headquarters are in Altamira, in the state of Pará. It is from there, between the Xingu and Iriri Rivers, that we seek knowledge about the most nutritious and tasty superfoods from the forest, also generating proximity to the people, production chains and local governance .

The ingredients used in our products come from traditional communities in the Amazon Rainforest and from family farmers with agroforestry models in their areas. The first strategic partnership under construction is with Rede Terra do Meio, which owns the “Vem do Xingu” brand. The full list of key partners includes:

  • TERRA DO MEIO NETWORK - Xingu Region
  • COPAVAM - Mato Grosso
  • CEPOTX - Transamazônica organic cocoa cooperative*
  • 100% Amazon and its partner communities on the outskirts of Belém*
  • Yanomami Indigenous Land**
  • Forest People Connections
  • AMAZ, impact accelerator
6. What do Amazonian ingredients mean?

Amazonian ingredients are ingredients that originate from the Amazon Rainforest, the most biodiverse on the planet.

7. What are freeze-dried fruits (or ingredients)?

Freeze-dried ingredients are those that go through the freeze-drying process, also known as cryo-dehydration or cryo-drying. This process consists of a different form of product dehydration, as it occurs under special pressure and temperature conditions. Thus, freeze-dried ingredients go through a 100% natural process as no preservatives or chemicals are used – the most appropriate way to preserve the nutritional and sensorial characteristics of the food.

8. Why are the fruits contained in the product freeze-dried?

At Mazô Maná, our priority is to avoid processing the fruits as much as possible to maintain quality, and freeze-drying preserves their nutritional properties. This is possible since this process does not rupture the cell membranes that contain the vitamins. In this way, freeze-dried fruits have better quality than the same products dehydrated by other methods, in addition to having better digestibility.

9. What is the origin of Mazô’s ingredients?

In the Amazon Forest Supershake, 14 ingredients in the formulation come from the forest, located in extractive or agroforestry production areas in Communities of Traditional Amazonian Peoples. The other ingredients come from Brazilian industries, which have traceability and organic certification for their products.

10. What is a food (meal) replacement?

These are foods specially formulated and prepared to have a balanced and adequate composition of macro and micronutrients with the aim of partially meeting each person's nutritional needs.

11. Are the products vegan?

Yes! Our product is vegan, as we care about an ethical, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, we do not contain ingredients of animal origin in our formulations, and we and our suppliers do not test our ingredients and raw materials on animals.

12. Do the products contain gluten?

No, our products are gluten free. This compound is found in the plant tissue of cereals (such as wheat, barley, rye, malt and oats), foods that are not among our ingredients.

13. Do the products contain added sugar?

Our products do not contain added sucrose, but they contain natural sugars from raw materials, as well as Guar Gum, Gellan Gum and Stévia.

14. What are the payment methods?

In our online store, we accept the following payment methods: credit and debit card, bank slip and PIX.

15. I need to change my order, what now?

To change your order, access your account on the website
Mazô Maná and click on "My Orders" to request a change.

If it is not possible this way, write to us at: oi@mazo.bio .

16. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is stipulated when processing the purchase, according to the consumer's location/CEP.

17. Can I exchange my product?
18. The product arrived defective. What should I do?
19. Can I buy in a physical store?

Not yet. Soon, Mazô will be in different healthy and natural product stores in all regions of the country. Follow our social channels on Instagram and LinkedIn and stay up to date with the latest news.

20. What are the delivery areas?

For purchases made on the official website www.mazomana.com.br , we deliver throughout Brazil, wherever you are.

21. Do you charge delivery fees?

Our shipping varies depending on your location and the type selected. To get an idea of ​​this value, simply do a simulation on the website, adding your zip code.

22. How do I change my registration?

To change your registration, access your account on the Mazô Maná website and click on settings to modify your data. If you need help, write to: oi@mazo.bio .

23. How do I get in touch and ask any suggestions or questions?

If you need help, write to: oi@mazo.bio .