Exchange and Return Policy

We know that an online purchase does not always turn out the way we expect. Therefore, we are here to facilitate the exchange or return process and ensure that the experience is as smooth as possible.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • If you purchased your product from the official Mazô Maná online store, you can exercise your right to regret and exchange or return your product within 7 days of receipt, or you can exchange or return a product that presents a quality or quantity defect, within the period within 90 days of receipt.
  • The date of receipt of the product is considered to be the date informed by the logistics operator, even if the receipt was not made by the recipient, but by third parties such as doormen, receptionists, family members, etc.
  • The exchange or return request must be made through the website itself. To do this, simply log into your account and click on the "Request Exchange or Return" button. You will need to provide certain information, including your order number, the product you want to exchange or return, and the reason for the exchange or return.
  • Return or first exchange shipping is free for products purchased from the brand's official online store, available at “ ”.
  • The status of your order must be "Delivered" in our online store (under "My Orders").
  • The deadline for receiving reverse logistics depends on the logistics operator and you can track this period using the tracking code.
  • After receiving the product at our Distribution Center, we ask for up to 7 (seven) business days to analyze it and return with negotiation of the exchange or return.
  • If you choose to exchange, you will receive an exchange voucher (voucher) for a new purchase at the Mazô Maná online store.
  • If you choose to return the product, we will process the refund as described in "PAYMENT REFUND", below.

Where did you buy your Mazô Maná product?

  • Physical stores or Mazô Maná partner marketplaces

If you purchased your product in a physical store or Mazô Maná partner marketplace, you must contact the store directly to request an exchange or return. Each store's exchange and return policies may vary, so it is important to check directly with the store before making any requests.

1. Right to repent

According to article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code, if you regret your purchase, you have up to 7 (seven) calendar days after receiving the merchandise to request a return, upon presentation of the invoice and as long as the product meets the "CONDITIONS OF PRODUCT FOR EXCHANGE AND RETURN" described in this document.

2. Return for quality

If the product you received presents a quality problem, you can request a return within 90 (ninety) calendar days after receiving the merchandise, following the rules of the Consumer Protection Code, upon presentation of the invoice.

To do this, we ask that you follow the process in the "EXCHANGES and RETURNS" item described in this document. Once the product has been processed by our team, we will request your details to refund the amount paid for the product + shipping costs or, if you wish, we will grant you a shopping voucher (voucher) to purchase another product in our online store.

Understand that:

  • Upon receipt of the product at our Distribution Center, it will undergo a quality analysis and verification of the defect presented and detailed by you when opening the exchange/return process.
  • We reserve the right to refuse the return and return the product to you, if the aforementioned quality defect is not found. In this case, return shipping will be at your expense.

For purposes of clarification regarding what may or may not be considered a quality defect:

Manufacturing quality problem

  • Product with manufacturing defect;
  • Faulty product;
  • Product with damaged packaging;
  • Product with expired expiration date;
  • Product with changes in composition, flavor, appearance and odor;
  • Product with the presence of foreign materials in the composition;
  • Product with altered appearance.

Not considered a quality problem

  • Product with damage caused by the customer;
  • Defective product caused by inappropriate use;
  • Defective product caused by external factors, such as falls, accidents or contact with chemicals;
  • Product that does not meet customer expectations.

3. Divergent delivery

If you receive a product that does not match what was requested in your order (quantity or flavor), we recommend that you inform us as soon as possible about what happened. We establish a maximum period of 30 (thirty) calendar days after receipt of the merchandise for this communication and upon presentation of the invoice and, with the product meeting the appropriate "PRODUCT CONDITIONS FOR EXCHANGE AND RETURN" described in this document.

To do this, we ask that you contact us or complete the "EXCHANGE/RETURN PROCESS" described in this document. Once your request has been processed by our team, we will contact you to resolve the demand as quickly as possible.

Pursuant to art. 19 of the CDC, in case of divergent delivery, we ensure, according to the consumer's choice, (i) a proportional reduction in the price; (ii) complementing the weight or measure; (iii) replacing the product with another of the same species, brand or model, with the correct quantities and specifications; or (iv) refund of the amount paid.

4. Cancellations

Customer cancellation requests

If the purchase has already been sent to the Distribution Center and/or invoiced, it is not possible to proceed with the order cancellation request, as the item(s) are already being separated. In this case, we advise the customer to request an exchange or return after receiving their purchase, following the procedures in this regulation.

Orders canceled by Mazô Maná

If your order has been confirmed, it may be canceled during the picking process at the Distribution Center if the product is not ready for sale and if it is the last one available. The full refund of your purchase will be made using the same payment method selected during purchase. You will be communicated via email throughout the cancellation process. We will inform you of the reason for cancellation and the refund date.

5. Return of merchandise by the logistics operator

If your order is returned to our distribution center for any reason, such as an invalid address, unknown recipient, or expiration of the pickup deadline, you will be notified via email and will receive a full refund of the amount paid. The product will not be resent unless you place another order.

6. Product conditions for exchange and return

You must observe the items below to return the product:

  • The product must be returned in its original packaging, in perfect condition along with its invoice.
  • It is mandatory that the products are sealed, with no tears or openings in the packaging.
  • The product must be sent in sealed packaging that adequately protects it against damage during transport (especially liquids).
  • The product must not show any damage or signs of consumption.
  • The product must be in the same condition as you received it.

If the product does not meet the conditions above, Mazô Maná reserves the right to refuse the exchange or return. In this case, the product will be returned to the customer and return shipping will be borne by the customer.

7. Payment refund

After analyzing the product and if it complies with the PRODUCT CONDITIONS FOR EXCHANGE AND RETURN, Mazô Maná will refund the amount paid for the product and shipping within a period of up to 30 (thirty) business days, counting from the date of receipt of the merchandise in the Distribution Center. Refunds can be made in the following ways:

  • Credit Card: the credit card operator will be asked to partially or completely refund the debt made. The credit for the refund should appear on the customer's statement within approximately 60 days (depending on your card operator).
  • Debit Card: the refund will be returned as a balance in your PayPal account.
  • Payments via Bank Slip: refunds will be made directly through PagSeguro. In this case, the buyer must have a PagSeguro account or create an account using the same email used to make the purchase on our website.
  • Payments via Pix: payments made via PIX will be refunded through the platform processing these payments. The refund will be returned to the PIX key paying for the purchase.

If you have any questions about our exchange and return policy, please contact us at .